Posted in NEWS on March 2, 2014

By Pip Foweraker

Sung-Wook opened with a Thoughtseize, revealing a hand replete with goodies. Double Supreme Verdict, double Sphinx's Revelation, Detention Sphere and Jace, Architect of Thought stared back at him. He took the Detention Sphere, and Robertson simply laid lands and kept passing.

Sung-Wook followed up with a Nightveil Specter, forcing Robertson to blow one of his Verdicts to keep the troublesome flier at bay. Sung-Wook snuck some damage in with a Mutavault, having used a scry land to spot an upcoming Thoughtseize.

Robertson played an untapped Hallowed Fountain to get to Jace mana, then immediately used his draw ability to nab a Doom Blade and a land, edging him out of the danger zone. Sung-Wook finished off Jace with his Mutavault and summoned another Nightveil Specter.

Patty Robertson

The Specter attacked Robertson to 8, stealing an Elspeth, Sun's Champion from his library. A Thoughtseize met with a loooooong pause before Robertson revealed his hand, still with double Revelation, an therling, a Supreme Verdict and a Doom Blade. Sung-Wook took the Ætherling and Robertson took the opportunity to cast a Sphinx's Revelation for 3, going back to 11 life and hunting for answers to the troublesome flier. With two of his best win conditions gone, Robertson was under pressure to come up with the goods.

Another attack from the Nightveil Specter landed Sung-Wook a Temple of Enlightenment, meaning he was only a single white source off being able to cast his opponent's Elspeth. Robertson fired off another Sphinx's Revelation and finally used a Last Breath to take out Sung-Wook's flier.

Robertson summoned a Jace, Architect of Thought, whose second ability provided a split of Thoughtseize vs. Elspeth. After some thought, Robertson took the Thoughtseize. Sung-Wook cast an Underworld Connections, and Robertson spent a Dissolve to keep it off the board. A second Connections resolved, however.

Robertson cast his Thoughtseize and saw a hand of double Hero's Downfall and a Bile Blight, taking one of the Downfalls. Sung-Wook's Mutavault started sneaking in for some damage, the Korean player ignoring Jace and aiming to pressure Robertson into acting. Robertson fired off his third Revelation for 5. His first plan of action was a Detention Sphere on Sung-Wook's Underworld Connections: if there was any card drawin' to be bein' done, the U/W player was to be the one doin' it.

Sung-Wook kicked it up a notch with a Desecration Demon. A Supreme Verdict took care of the troublesome little spice weasel and Thoughtseize cleared out Sung-Wook's second Hero's Downfall before summoning an Elspeth. Sung-Wook cast a Gray Merchant of Asphodel, sapping Robertson back down to 10 life, and had another Underworld Connections to try and find some answers to the dangerous Planeswalker.

Nam Sung-Wook

Robertson summoned another Jace, Architect of Thought and went digging with it. Sung-Wook went to Bile Blight one of the Soldier tokens, but Robertson offed it with a Doom Blade to keep his army ticking over. Sung-Wook had a Thoughtseize, giving him an option of Robertson's final Sphinx's Revelation, a Supreme Verdict, Syncopate, Detention Sphere or a Dissolve. Holding two Gray Merchants of Asphodel in hand and with his opponent on 10 life, he took the Revelation.

Sung-Wook attacked with his Gray Merchant, who got gang-blocked by a pile of Soldier tokens. Returning the attack, Robertson swung with all his Soldier tokens and a Mutavault, keen to push his offence. Sung-Wook ate a Soldier with his Mutavault and took the rest, falling to 10. Another attack, and Robertson took the epic first game and sent both players to their sideboards.

Patty Robertson 1 - Nam Sung-Wook 0

A Duress from Sung-Wook revealed Jace, Elspeth, and four lands, Sung-Wook taking the Jace. Robertson played (obviously) lands for a few turns, while Sung-Wook summoned a Nightveil Specter and began attacking with it.

Sung-Wook followed up with an Erebos, God of the Dead. Robertson had a Mutavault, while Sung-Wook used Erebos's Greed ability to dig for more threats. While Sung-Wook was tapped out, Robertson fired off a Sphinx's Revelation for 2.

Robertson cast an Elspeth, Sun's Champion, which Sung-Wook countered with a Dissolve from his Nightveil Specter. Sung-Wook then summoned a Desecration Demon and attacked with his Specter and Erebos. Robertson had a Thoughtseize, knocking himself to 5 life before casting a Supreme Verdict to clear out the Specter and Demon.

A Duress took Robertson's Fated Retribution and another Nightveil Specter made an appearance. With his hand stripped and his life total dropping, Robertson scooped up his cards and headed for the decider.

Nam Sung-Wook 1 - Patty Robertson 1

Sung-Wook's opening Duress saw a pair of Jace's and a Detention Sphere, the latter heading straight to the graveyard. Robertson cast some discard of his own, his Thoughtseize seeing Erebos, Nightveil Specter, Lifebane Zombie and triple Mutavault. He took the Zombie, but Sung-Wook drew and summoned another. Robertson cast one of his Jace's and started creeping his loyalty count upwards.

Sung-Wook attacked the Jace with his Zombie, then summoned an Erebos. Robertson dug furiously with his Jace and scored a Mutavault and a Plains. Sung-Wook summoned another Lifebane Zombie, revealing a Last Breath and Robertson's remaining Jace. With the fresh information, Sung-Wook attacked Robertson with his Mutavault and Erebos and went to take out Jace with one of his Zombies.

Robertson cast a Detention Sphere in the nick of time to take out both of Sung-Wook's Zombies and de-activate Erebos, buying himself some valuable breathing time. Sung-Wook attacked with both of his Mutavaults and Robertson threw one of his own in as a blocker, happy to trade lands for life and time.

Robertson summoned his second Jace, Architect of Thought, then took a Revoke Existence over a Dissolve and a Mutavault, then exiled Sung-Wook's Erebos. A Duress revealed Robertson holding a pair of lands, leading Sung-Wook's Mutavaults to take out the Planeswalker in short order. Nightveil Specter joined the battlefield, the Mutavaults cracked in, Robertson scooped up his cards, and just like that, the tournament was over.

Congratulations to Nam Sung-Wook, your Grand Prix: Melbourne champion!