Finals: Nico Bohny vs. (2) Jérémy Dezany

Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Olle Rade

Finals: Nico Bohny (CHE) vs. Jérémy Dezany (FRA)

Over 10,000 boosters had been opened, almost as many matches had been played, but only two competitors remained. After an entire weekend of Theros, Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx limited it was down to one match. (2) Jérémy Dezany of France against Nico Bohny of Switzerland. Both players have been properly introduced several times this weekend, so let's get straight to their decks.

Bohny had managed to draft a strong Green/Blue deck, with powerful creatures like Fleetfeather Cockatrice and Boon Satyr, opting to splash Red for one of the trickiest rares in the format – Polis Crusher. With a smile on his face he declared being quite happy with his deck before the match.

Nico Bohny struggling to come up with a way to win the finals.


"Not as many rares as in my last deck,", he said jokingly. Admitting that it also had some sweet uncommons in Sea God's Revenge and Raised by Wolves.


Jérémy Dezani on the other hand had managed to assemble the text book example of a Blue/White heroic deck. Elite Skirmisher, Oreskos Sun Guide, Battlewise Hoplite, Akroan Skyguard and plenty of enchantment creatures like Nyxborn Shieldmate and Hopeful Eidolon to throw on them.

The Games

Font of Fertility, the card that won Grand Prix Atlanta for Jon Stern a few weeks ago started the game for Bohny. Accelerating his mana while Dezani made his strategy clear by casting Oreskos Sun Guide.

Nylea's Disciple gained two life for Bohny, and a Raised by Wolves in his hand was eager to enchant it next turn. He was however lacking his fifth land, and met Dezani's addition of Battlewise Hoplite with a Swordwise Centaur, attacking with the Disciple to drop the Frenchman to 17.

Dezani, with his usual bare minimum of two lands attacked with his team, sending Bohny to 18, Adding a second Sun Guide to his side of the table, looking to race with his duo of life gainers.

Bony drew....

...his fifth land, and instantly slammed down Raised by Wolves on the Swordwise Centaur, attacking Dezani to 11 and getting two Wolves to trade for Dezani's Sun Guides, should he attack with them next turn.

Dezani also found a land, but couldn't muster more than an Akroan Skyguard, looking quite small in the air against the already clogged battlefield of green creatures and Wolf tokens. Bohny, without fear, attacked with both wolves and centaur and Dezani went in the tank before blockers.

He finally decided to put his Battlewise Hoplite in front of one of the Wolves and both Sun Guides in front of the Disciple. To follow up with Retraction Helix on his Hoplite, threatening to kill both the wolf it blocked and bounced the Swordwise Centaur with it's ability.

Bohny however had other plans, and pumped the blocked Wolf with Aspect of Hydra, taking out the Hoplite. He recast his Swordwise Centaur and passed the turn. Dezani now at 9. Dezani bestowed Nyxborn Shieldmate on his Skyguard and it looked like the 3/4 flier just might get him back in the game.

That was, before Bohny cast Sea God's Revenge on his team, leaving Dezani's him with just the Shieldmate in play, which didn't put up much of a fight against Bohny's team, and game one went to Switzerland.

Game two was a long one, and it ended in a drawn out manner one surely doesn't expect from a deck as aggressive as Dezani's. He started off with some quick creatures from before Bohny stalled the board with Raised by Wolves on a Chorus of Tides. Dezani however, got some damage through by summoning Harvester Alseids, preventing the combat damage to his creatures and adding more cheap threats to swarm Bohny's blockers.

When Dezani hit both his fifth and sixth land drop without either plays or attacks either turns, it looked like Bohny might grasp the initiative. But with nothing in his hand but a Boon Satyr that he'd rather keep as a surprise and a Hubris, he couldn't really start attacking, and Dezani had way over 20 life, thanks to his faithful Oreskos Sun Guide.

Land number seven for Dezani caused him to consider his next option like a chess player thinking through his next move for several minutes. Life totals were 24 to 8 in the Frenchman's favor, but it didn't look like he could get through for any damage, even with a trick it would be risky as Bohny still had three cards in hand and untapped mana.

He pondered, pondered, and attacked with everyone, putting the pressure on Bohny to make the decisions rather than to sit back and wait for the late game to be taken over by the Green deck.

Bohny blocked, A Satyr Wayfinder onthe Dezani's Elite Skirmisher, Chorus of Tides the Oreskos Sun Guide and Dakra Mystic the Oreskos Swiftclaw.

Dezani's trick? Ajani's Presence, saving all three of his creatures. Taking out the smaller of Bohny's in the process.

With no play for Bohny the next turn an Akroan Mastiff looked to be the silver bullet Dezani needed to keep Bohny from stabilizing.

Bohny drew for his turn, but again cast nothing, causing the Frenchman to wonder what he might be holding, and how much he would dare to attack with.

Nothing it turned out, choosing instead to sit on his Mastiff.

Fleetfeather Cockatrice came down for Bohny, but he had no other play on his turn. Dezani tapped the Green/Blue flier at the end of the turn and took it out with Excoriate on his next one.

Bohny, drew nothing but more lands and decided it was time to recast his Raised by Wolves. He attacked with the Chorus of Tides before bouncing both the flier and the enchantment with Hubris and recast the enchantment on one of his wolves tokens. It was all in vain though, as Dezani was able to get through for lethal two turns later.

If the third game would be as long and exciting we were sure in for a sweet one.

After a short sleeve change, the players shuffled up for the decider and the 1,300$ difference in prize money between first and second place.

Even though Bohny was on the play he had a stumbling start after mulliganing to six cards. His turn one Dakra Mystic struggled to find him a second Forest, but only yielded a Font of Fertility, this time slowing him down rather than accelerate him. Dezani got down his usual suspects of Oreskos Sun Guide, Oreskos Swiftclaw and his deck's moral leader God Favored General.

Bohny, who was already stumbling could only cast Raised by Wolves on his Mystic to temporarily stop the onslaught.

Jérémy "no fear" Dezani, however, gladly send his entire team into the Wolves, signaling Ajani's Presence, which would make it very hard to block efficiently for Bohny. Who chose to only block the general with his 3/3 Mystic, taking seven damage and dropping to seven from the rest of the team. Dezani saved the general with Ajani's Presence and added Harvester Alseids.

His God Favored General could now keep leading the battle. As along with the Harvester Alseids it created an engine to make two enchantment soldiers each upkeep, preventing any damage to it with the Alseids so it could keep attacking and add more tokens to the battlefield. Surely able to eventually deal the last few points of damage needed to claim the Grand Prix title.

Jeremy Dezani, carefully examining his options.


In fact, with a Sea God's Revenge waiting on the top of his deck, Dezani managed to do just that the very next turn. The Frenchman very revealed and happy to claim the trophy after a long weekend filled with Magic and skillful opponents. Happy, but perhaps also a little bit sad for his last dance with Theros Block Limited


Jérémy Dezani defeats Nico Bohny 2-1 and is the Champion of Grand Prix Milan 2014!