The first banned / restricted list

Posted in Arcana on February 10, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

As Magic changes, the DCI Floor Rules, a set of documents governing how Magic tournaments are played, adapt to the new cards and new environments created.

Part of the Floor Rules is the Banned / Restricted List, the list of famous power cards that have proved too strong or problematic to be allowed in tournament play.

The first such list was published on USENET way back in January of 1994. The full text of it is here. Let's look at just the banned / restricted list:

The First Restricted List

(originally called the "Limited" list: these are cards of which you were only allowed one copy in your deck)

Dingus EggYes, cards like Dingus Egg and Orcish Oriflamme were considered troublesome enough that they were restricted to one copy.

The First Banned List

(cards that you weren't allowed at all in your deck)

Jeweled BirdAnte cards like Jeweled Bird were banned from tournaments since the beginning.

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