Flexible Changelings

Posted in Arcana on November 20, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Changelings' translucent, blue-green "skin" can stretch and contract to mimic just about any other form. As you can see in the art of some changeling cards, some of the more challenging creature-shapes put that magical skin to the test.


Taking the form of a turtle is like Changeling 101. No problem.


The tiny shapes of a cat skeleton are more of a challenge, but this bemused fellow doesn't seem to notice. (Note that Skeletal Changeling is both a Cat and a Skeleton, of course.)


Here's a true test of a changeling's flexibility: imitating the flames of a flamekin, as seen on Changeling Berserker!


Shapesharer might show the most impressive feat of changeling mimicry. This changeling is shown not only mimicking the stance and size of a giant, but also his fishing net. Shapesharer isn't holding a net of its own—note the bluish tint of the structure holding its river fish. It's growing out of the changeling's thumb—it's actually part of his shapechanging body.

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