Friday Night Magic

Posted in NEWS on October 3, 2002

Find an FNM Near You!

Are you looking for a way to play Magic while meeting new friends and winning cool foil prize cards? Then Friday Night Magic is exactly what you're looking for! Try it out and discover why Friday night is the best night of the week!

Premium Card Prizes

Each month a different FOIL card will be given out. The cards often feature original flavor text and updated wordings.

Here is March's prize foil:

To make it easier to participate, Friday Night Magic events are open to anyone and feature the Standard Constructed, Modern Constructed, Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, Block Constructed, or Two-Headed Giant (Standard or Sealed) formats. Running events in these formats makes it easier for new players to participate, and you only have to remember these things: Pack your deck; remember where the tournament is happening, and what time it starts. You can find out more about each format here.

Looking for ideas of what to play at Standard Friday Night Magic? Check out the deck lists from recent events:

    Tournament Information

The DCI is giving players in a growing number of countries and stores the opportunity to play in a fun weekly event and have a shot at cool FOIL prize cards in the process. FNM is designed to keep the play style exciting:

  • FNM events have a Planeswalker Points multiplier of 1x
  • Prize cards are available to participants in other ways than just to the winners
  • For rules enforcement, the emphasis is on teaching players the correct ways to play
  • Share your tournament experience on Twitter by using the hashtag #mtgfnm

Stores around the world are running Friday Night Magic nearly every week. Use the Event Locator at the top of this page to find a location near you. If you have questions about Friday Night Magic in Europe, send us an e-mail at In the rest of the world, please email us through the Customer Service Help Center.

    Friday Night Magic Rules
  • 1st and 2nd place receive one prize card each.
  • Door prize: The tournament organizer will award the remaining two prize cards to two players that did not place first or second.
  • FNM events have a Planeswalker Points multiplier of 1x. For more information about Planeswalker Points, visit this page.
  • Stores do not have to run FNM tournaments each week, so contact the store in advance be sure they are running FNM on the date you're planning on visiting.
  • All 4 prize cards associated with each Friday Night Magic event must be awarded to the players.
  • Friday Night Magic events can only be run on Fridays.