Fun with haste

Posted in Arcana on November 18, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Lightning Greaves

Immunity to "summoning sickness" can mean more for your friendly neighborhood monster than just attacking immediately. It can also mean performing some neat tapping tricks on that turn, which could pay off for you, the tap-happy wizard, big-time.

Cards like Battle Rampart, Reckless Charge, and more recently, Dragon Breath, have granted haste before. But since Mirrodin's Lightning Greaves grant haste so conveniently and cheaply, some haste-a-licious creature combos suddenly became more appealing. Plus the Greaves' untargetability benefit protects your utility tapper from creature removal. Here's a list of a few (80+) creatures with cool tap abilities in the current Standard environment (Onslaught block, Eighth Edition and Mirrodin). Finding other combinations outside of Standard is left as an exercise for the reader. Happy deckbuilding!

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