Future Sight Augur Cycle

Posted in Arcana on April 23, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The cycle of Future Sight "augurs" are creatures adept at prophecy, the art of foretelling the future. Their value comes from their dual uses—they can hang around to attack, block, and fight another day, or they can accelerate to their prophesied demise to useful effect.

Each of the augurs is depicted employing his or her method of soothsaying. Check it out:

Augur il-Vec cradles an oval of light in his cupped hands. The oval serves as his window on the future even as his exile between the planes traps him from the physical world.
Augur il-Vec
Aven Augur
Aven Augur has conjured a swirl of aether between his talons. He reads the aetheric energies to know whose future will continue and whose will disappear into the mist.
Augur of Skulls, Magic's only Skeleton Wizard other than the Mistform Ultimus, studies the future in a bowl of ghastly, glowing liquid. The bowl is made from some unfortunate's sliced-open skull.
Augur of Skulls
Emberwilde Augur
Emberwilde Augur's fascination is held by the spark of fire he holds between his hands. His connection to Emberwilde Djinn is alluded to in the flavor text.
Llanowar Augur holds in her hands a tiny sprouting seed. The possibility of new growth on Dominaria is the only future she cares about.
Llanowar Augur

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