Future Sight Minisite Update 1 of 3

Posted in Arcana on April 4, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Make your predictions now, because the time for guesswork is almost over. You're about to gain the power of Future Sight.

Who has time to wonder about the future, when you can grab fistfuls of it, slam it into your library like an ammo cartridge, and blast away with it at the life total of that unsuspecting planeswalker across the table?

The Future Sight minisite is here to open the gateway to Magic's future. This week the door opens just enough to glimpse the bizarre horizons of Time Spiral Block's final set.

This week's theme is "Glimmers of Hope." As Dominaria's survivors have learned to adapt to the temporal devastation, they have also forged new disciplines of manipulating time itself. The time rifts which caused so much havoc may be the key to summoning solutions from the far-flung realms of the future.

This week's content includes:

  • Hints about the Future Sight storyline,
  • Exclusive previews of Future Sight card art,
  • An online crossword puzzle—featuring spoilers of Future Sight cards—designed by Magic Rules Manager Mark Gottlieb, and
  • An online jigsaw puzzle featuring a Future Sight desktop wallpaper.

The future awaits!

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