Posted in NEWS on June 14, 2014

By Olle Rade

Looking at the standard decks here in Moscow and talking to some of the players, it becomes more and more clear that four contenders battle for the title of best deck in Standard. Until Magic 2015, and the rotation this fall, the top players seem to agree that the decks to beat this weekend are Black Devotion, with a splash of green, Blue White Control, Red White Burn and the rather newly tuned Jund Monster deck.

Neither of the decks may be strangers to Standard veterans, but for those not as familiar I thought I'd introduce the decks that we think are the top contenders for the trophy at Grand Prix Moscow. And since my own reference these days is from Magic Online, this is were I will find some of the lists, rather than only from a recent Grand Prix.

First things first. The Black devotion deck has been a thing in standard even since Kentarou Yamamoto made the top 8 of Pro Tour Theros in Dublin in October last year. His deck, although strong at he time, may look like an ancient fossile from an entire season ago. But in fact a lot of the cards remain the same, although the most succesful decks now splash Green, with the release of Temple of Malady in Journey into Nyx.

Black Devotion, splashing Green

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Next up is the Red and White burn deck, dubbed Boros Burn. Although maybe not as flashy as the other top decks. This deck does what it does best – throws burn spells at your opponents face in a consistant matter, curving from Shock to Warleader's Helix. Mister Burn has also enjoyed a new addition from Journey into Nyx in the form of Eidolon of the Great Revel, an Eidolon seeing play both in Standard, Modern and Legacy burn decks these days.

Boros Burn

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The only late bloomer in Standard now seems to be the Red, Black and Green deck named Jund monsters. Although Art Macurda made top 8 at Grand Prix Phoenix earlier this year, the deck has not been considered one of the top decks until recently. Now it seems like the deck of choice for a lot of top international players. It also won several of the Grand Prix Trials in Russia, the night before the actual Grand Prix.

Art Macurda's Jund Monsters

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Esper control also made the top 8 at Grand Prix Phoenix, but since the deck has gotten a few new tools with Journey into Nyx, most notably Nyx Fleece Ram and Deicide, a decklist from Magic Online better captures the latest versions of the archetype. The biggest decision when opting to play Blue and White these days is not how many Sphinx's Revelation to run, but rather if you are going to play stricly Blue/White, or opt for a black splash. Although this specific list doesn't run too many new cards, the player, Andrew Cuneo is an impressive deck builder, so I wouldn't be surprised if his take on control could be a potent weapon in Moscow.

Blue White Control

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