GDS2, Episode 6: Design Challenge Elimination

Posted in NEWS on December 3, 2013

The first Great Designer Search was over four years ago, so I had forgotten how hard it is to cut designers as the contest continues. This Challenge in particular was extra hard for me. All four designers did an excellent job creating Intro Decks that were very fun to play. Unfortunately, only three designers get flown out to Renton, Washington, which means that I have the unfun task of eliminating one final designer. I will list each designer's name. If you click on it you will see whether they are in or out. Candidates that are in will have a green CONTINUE PLAYING. The candidate that is eliminated will have a red GAME OVER. I will then give a short summary of where I feel they stand or why they were eliminated.

Ethan Fleischer

Shawn Main

Scott Van Essen

Devon Rule

Now that we know our final three, let's talk about what's going to happen next. The final three are going to be flown out on the same day sometime in March. They will then be subjected to what I call The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is three one-hour meetings, back-to-back, with three different parts of R&D. (The final three will rotate between each room.) Then we will have our final Design Challenge live. (Unfortunately not live on the internet.)

We'll also find some time to let them enjoy their prize complete with a tour of Wizards, lunch with key R&D members and "drafts and dinner" with Magic R&D. The GDS2 will have one final show where I write up what happens and announce our winner.

I want to stress that the entire competition so far has been testing the applicants' design capabilities. There are numerous other factors that are important which is why we want the interview and live Design Challenge. Everything so far has merely gotten them in the door. Who we hire has a lot to do with what happens once they show up here. I have no idea who I'll be hiring when the dust settles. I am impressed with all of the final three and I am eager to get a chance to learn more about them. At this stage, it's anyone's competition to win.

For those that want some live updates on our interview day, definitely check out my (@maro254) and Ken's (@norrytt) Twitter accounts.

And then there were three ...

See you next episode, when the Great Designer Search 2 comes to a close and I get a new Design Intern.