Ghost-Lit Kami

Posted in Arcana on June 20, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

The cycle of five ghost-lit kami from Saviors of Kamigawa all are small spirit creatures and all have a channel ability related to their in-play ability.

The art team made sure that they had similar art composition, as well. Each appears as a gaunt human in flowing kimono carrying a large lantern. Note that the glow of each spirit's lantern matches up to its color (except for Ghost-Lit Stalker -- it'd be tough to pull off a black-glowing lantern). And note that in each piece, the face of the kami is mysteriously hidden...

Ghost-Lit Nourisher
Ghost-Lit Redeemer
Ghost-Lit Raider
Ghost-Lit Warder
Ghost-Lit Stalker

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