Goblin misprints

Posted in Arcana on October 10, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Goblins have a way of getting into trouble. It seems as if some of the little creeps got into the editing or typesetting files at some point, as there exist a couple of high-profile Goblin misprints.

Starter 1999: Both Mons's Goblin Raiders and Goblin Hero -- notorious vanilla common creatures -- appeared in that particular Starter game as part of the pre-made decks. And both of them had gold expansion symbols, indicating that they were rare. Yeah, right, those guys wish they were rare.

Anthologies Box Set: The Anthologies box set had quite a few errors, and two of them pertain to Goblins. The big one is the mana cost on Mogg Raider: instead of . As per the Oracle (and the Tempest version), is correct and the card should be played as such. The minor error is the expansion symbol on the Goblin Hero. It has The Dark's symbol, even though the art is from the Fifth Edition version. Either the art should have been the original Mark Tedin version, or the expansion symbol should have been removed.

Starter 1999 page - Anthologies box set page

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