Gone Platinum!

Posted in NEWS on August 30, 2013

By Steve Sadin

After the Community Team got off to an early 42 to 30 point lead in Modern Masters, the competitors moved on to "Wacky Draft". The Wacky Draft is done using the most recent iteration of the Magic Online Cube and each player is randomly assigned a draft stipulation that they must follow. During the draft, if a player can make a pick that fulfills the requirements of his or her draft rule, he or she must do so. If there are no cards that fulfill the draft rule, the player can draft any card in the pack.

A full list of the rules and restrictions that the players were subject to can be found here.

Jan van der Vegt got randomly assigned perhaps the wackiest of the stipulations. Gone Platinum.

As a result Jan was required to "Pick the card with the name that makes the best band name". In order to ensure that these picks were not made with a bias, Jan's draft was judged by Pro Tour Historian, and band name aficionado, Brian David-Marshall.

From Left to Right Greg Collins, Nate Holt, Jan van der Vegt, Brian David-Marshall, Fblthp

Below are some of the highlights of his draft:

  • After taking Rancor first (a pick which Jan had some reservations about – as he couldn't see himself ever listening to a band called Rancor) Jan had no trouble making his second pick. "Mind's Desire is clearly the best band name here... and it goes really well with my 1st pick, so..."
  • "Genesis Wave... they're a new wave Genesis cover band." – Jan
    "That sounds terrible." – Greg Collins
  • "Stunted Growth, they're a band that's had a lot of trouble..." - Jan
  • "You're going to have a hard time getting anything past Bone Shredder." - BDM
  • "Hellrider is the best band name here. There's just no way around it." - BDM
    "Alright, straight to my sideboard." - Jan

In the end, Jan wound up with a (surprisingly) solid Blue-Green-Black deck that was able to make quick work of Brian Clinton's Backdrafted deck in the first round.