Posted in NEWS on December 8, 2013

Pro Tour Gatecrash Quarterfinalist Melissa DeTora: I actually got in on Thursday, so I had no issues at all.
No. 12 Ranked Player Owen Turtenwald: Not that bad. Getting to the site from the airport was much harder than getting to Dallas Fort Worth Airport. I had to take a bus to another bus to a light rail, and from there I had to walk six blocks, but after that it wasn't so bad.














Grand Prix Atlantic City 2013 Champion Jon Stern: It was interesting, I guess. I drove to Vermont because the flights were cheap, then I flew to New York. Then I flew until I was a few hundred miles from Dallas before the airport closed, so I flew back to New York. I got onto a flight to Houston and then drove all night from there. The drive was supposed to be about three and a half hours but it was about double that. I was pushing pick-up trucks out of ditches, or people would get stuck on bridges and we'd have to wait or push them out.
Grand Prix Indianapolis 2012 Finalist Chris Fennell: The trip was very long. I woke up at 4:30am and drove three hours to Tampa. They delayed the flight because of maintenance, but once that was done, Dallas delayed the flight because the flights got pushed back. I got here about an hour and a half late. We got in at 3:15pm but didn't get to the hotel until 8:15pm. It was a very long day, but I can't complain really because some people weren't able to get here.


















No. 4 Ranked Player Shahar Shenhar: It was pretty simple. Nate Price and I were on the same flight. We were one of the lucky ones!
Hall of Famer William “Huey” Jensen: It was a bit of an adventure. I flew from Providence, to Atlanta, to Houston, and then drove to Dallas. The first few miles [driving] were fine but the last twenty miles took about an hour.