Posted in NEWS on December 8, 2013

Hall of Famer Patrick Chapin surprised approximately nobody when he showed up this weekend with cards like Jace, Architect of Thought and Divinations sleeved up. The Team StarCityGames member chose to forego his Orzhovian followings from Pro Tour Theros in favor of Esper this weekend.

His opponent, team ChannelFireball member and champion of white weenie in the current Standard format, was Pat Cox. While Chapin chose to defer from black and white lands exclusively, Cox's latest take on attacking with little white creatures went down the Orzhov path. Backed up by Orzhov Charm and Xanthrid Necromancer, Cox's deck has even more ways to battle through sweepers such as Supreme Verdict, but would it be enough again Chapin's control cards?

The Games

Cox led with a first-turn Soldier of the Pantheon. Chapin had Thoughtseize, revealing two more copies of the one drop, Orzhov Charm, Daring Skyjek, and some lands. One of the Soldiers went to the graveyard, and Cox was content on attacking for 2, playing his other Soldier and scrying with a tapped Temple of Silence. Chapin, meanwhile, drew some cards with Divination.

Attacks dropped Chapin to 12, and Cox passed with two open, complicating matters for Chapin, as his opponent had an instant creature in the form of Orzhov Charm bringing back Soldier of the Pantheon. He cast another Divination and passed, while Cox brought back his Soldier with the Charm. Attacks dropped Chapin to 6, and Chapin drew, played a land, and passed with four open.

Patrick Chapin


However, when Cox had Spear of Heliod, Chapin suddenly went from having a turn to simply being dead, his removal no longer giving him a way to survive the turn.

Cox again led with Soldier of the Pantheon in the second game. However, Cox had no second land until the third turn. He used it to cast Daring Skyjek, and then used it to scoop of his other creatures to deposit into the graveyard when Supreme Verdict swept the board clean on the fourth turn. Imposing Sovereign ensured that Chapin's fifth-turn Blood Baron of Vizkopa would come in tapped, but it was cold comfort. Cox cast Ajani, Caller of the Pride to pump up his Imposing Sovereign, and Boros Elite followed, but Chapin's powerful start proved too difficult to claw over.

Patrick Cox


Warped Physique disposed Cox of his Sovereign. A turn later, and Ajani fell to the Blood Baron, which was then joined by Jace, Architect of Thought post combat. Elspeth, Sun's Champion a turn later sealed the deal for Chapin, and the two went to a third game...

...which started off with a mulligan to five from Chapin. The Hall of Famer was not able to find a land past the two he kept with his five card hand. Cox, however, had a series of threats that Chapin had little ways of answering given his mana stall.

Xanthrid Necromancer and Boros Elite gave Cox a very real and very resistent clock, especially when it joined two Mutavaults, Dryad Militant, and Boros Elite in combat on the fourth turn. Chapin's Devour Flesh kept him alive, but he offered the handshake when nothing of worth came off the top.

Chapin 1 – Cox 2