Posted in NEWS on December 11, 2013

The ninth and final round of Day One here at Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth featured plenty of recognizable faces battling in bubble matches. Sitting at 6-2, these players had their tournament lives at stake. What were they playing? How did they do? We scoped out the tables, the matchups, and the results to see who would move on to Sunday play.

(24) Christian Calcano (Esper) vs. Terry Stoute (Mono-Blue Devotion)

No. 24 Ranked Player Christian Calcano managed to make it to the venue before the sixth round began, with his travel delays almost causing him to miss the event. However, with a 3-2 record thanks to his byes, he managed to reach the site of the Grand Prix just in time, and he found himself in a video feature in the ninth round against Mono-Blue Devotion player Terry Stoute.

No. 24 Ranked Player Christian Calcano


Ultimately, Calcano's Esper deck prevailed, earning him the win against Stoute 2-1. Calcano, after starting the day with a 3-2 record due to travel delays, will be battling tomorrow.

Joe Demestrio (Mono-Blue Devotion) vs. Deanna Dang (Mono-Blue Devotion)

Calcano's travel buddy for the trip, Joe Demestrio, experienced the same airplane woes as his friend, also barely making it to the event before the sixth round would have sealed his fate. Now, he sat at 6-2, battling against Deanna Dang in a Mono-Blue Devotion mirror match.

However, he was not as fortunate as Calcano. Ultimately, Demestrio found himself washed away in the Mono-Blue Devotion mirror match. Dang will advance after her 2-1 victory against Demestrio.

(12) Owen Turtenwald (Mono-Black Devotion) vs. Paul Novak (Mono-Green Devotion)

No. 12 Ranked Player Owen Turtenwald found himself battling on the bubble in the final round of Day One, his Mono-Black Devotion deck keeping him in it. His opponent, Paul Novak, opted instead for the explosive Mono-Green Devotion deck, which is capable of some brutally powerful starts at the exchange of some consistency.

Unfortunately for the two-time consecutive Grand Prix winner, Turtenwald foundself on the receiving end of some powerful draws from Novak, something that Mono-Green Devotion is very capable of. Novak defeated the No. 12 Ranked Player 2-1 and will be advancing to Day Two.

Shahar Shenhar (Selesnya Aggro) vs. Alex Huebner (Mono-Green Devotion)

No. 4 Ranked Player Shahar Shenhar found himself in a similar situation, with Selesnya Aggro keeping his hopes alive but only barely. He faced off against Alex Huebner, who was playing Mono-Green Devotion, in the ninth round.

And in similar fashion to the previously discussed match, Mono-Green Devotion ended up ahead at the end of the match, as Huebner defeated Shenhar 2-1 to advance into Day Two.

(1) Ben Stark (Orzhov) vs. Evan Longpre (Selesnya Aggro)

No. 1 Ranked Player Ben Stark went with ChannelFireball's deck of choice for the weekend, Orzhov. The name is used loosely used since the deck bares much more resemblance to the White Weenie archetype. His opponent, Evan Longpre, was playing Selesnya Aggro.

No. 1 Ranked Player Ben Stark


In the end, Stark's deck showed just how powerful attacking with little white creatures can be, as he defeated Longpre 2-0 to advance to the second day of competition.

Melissa DeTora (Mono-Blue Devotion) vs. Evan Burcaw (Mono-Black Devotion)

Melissa DeTora found herself fighting for her tournament life in what has become a classic matchup over the last few weeks of Mono-Blue Devotion fighting Mono-Black Devotion. DeTora's opponent, Evan Burcaw, was the Mono-Black pilot for the round.

However, one thing we've seen despite the matchup being close is that Mono-Black Devotion has an edge, and that edge is what Burcaw needed to advance past DeTora with a 2-1 victory.

Tom Ross (Mono Red Aggro) vs. Trevino Christopher (Esper)

And finally, Tom Ross found himself in a positive situation where his Mono-Red Aggro deck had a chance to beat up on an Esper deck before Supreme Verdict and Jace, Architect of Thought did their things. Trevino Christopher, however, was looking to steal a win against the brutally fast red deck.

And stealing a win is exactly what Christopher did, as he defeated Ross's red deck 2-1 in order to advance into Sunday play.