Grand Prix Sacramento 2014 - Quick Questions #3

Posted in NEWS on January 19, 2014

Yesterday, we took a look at card advantage (the overarching strategy that involves trading cards for more cards) in Theros Limited. The expensive nature of removal in the format makes it relatively difficult to accrue an economic advantage.

Today, I caught up with some big names and asked them, "What's the most interesting way you've accrued card advantage this weekend?"

Brian David-Marshall: "My opponent cast Ordeal of Erebos on his Staunch-Hearted Warrior and attacked me when I had two cards in hand. I cast Divine Verdict and dealt with both cards while preserving the last card in my hand."
No. 13 Ranked Player Tom Martell: "I had Hundred-Handed One in play with seven mana up. My opponent suicided eight points of power into the red zone to deal with the bomb. I used the Monstrous ability to block all of them. My opponent tried to Hero's Downfall my Hundred-Handed One in response to Monstrous. I used Gods Willing to give my creature protection from Black, countering my opponent's removal spell and killing his entire board. Is that card advantage?"

William "Huey" Jensen: "I used Psychic Intrusion to steal Reid Duke's in-hand Whip of Erebos."
Joe Demestrio: "I used Triad of Fates in conjunction with Gray Merchant of Asphodel."