Grand Prix Sacramento 2014 - The Relevance of a Bear

Posted in NEWS on January 18, 2014

We're sitting at home, enjoying a weekend day of relaxation.

*Knock Knock*

Suddenly, our state of calm is shattered by an uninvited guest. Who could it be? Well, obviously it's a Traveling Philosopher, and she's got a laundry list of reasons she should make the cut and be in our deck. Sure, we need a curve, but do we really want to be playing a 2/2 body with no other relevant text? She philosophizes a bit on the relevance of flavor text. We stop paying attention. Should we let her in?

It's never easy saying no to these types of people. Luckily, we have some pretty smart friends with some pretty strong convictions about Theros Limited.

"So, what do we think? Does Traveling Philosopher do enough to warrant a slot in our deck?"

Brain Kibler: "Sometimes. You really want a significant number of inexpensive creatures if you're playing ordeals. If we're playing a Red/White deck we just need aggressive bodies. Plus, I have a degree in philosophy, so me and the Traveling Philosopher could just hang out!"
Neal Oliver: "Yes!"



Pat Cox: "I'd play her if I had Ordeals and not enough other better two-drops, but she'll only make my deck about a third of the time I'm playing White."
Reid Duke: "I wouldn't play Traveling Philosopher in most decks, but there are exceptions. For example, if we're playing an aggressive deck with Ordeals or a lot of pump spells it's going to be good to play as many two-mana creatures as possible. Also, if we're a top-heavy control deck we might want something inexpensive to trade with one of our opponent's early plays."