Grand Prix Sacramento 2014 - Round 1 Feature Match

Posted in NEWS on January 18, 2014

Brian David-Marshall, or BDM, has been a fixture of the Magic community since the very beginning of competitive play. A New York native, BDM swapped coasts for a shot at Grand Prix glory. It's not very often that BDM gets a chance to play in one of these events. Today, we have the rare opportunity to watch him play his way through the massive field of Grand Prix Sacramento. With zero byes, BDM has his work cut out for him.

Brain David-Marshall

Thomas Patten, a Floridian by birth, moved to Davis, California to work in the Engineering Department at UC Davis. Patten has been playing Magic for over a decade. He's hoping his Selesyna Heroic deck has what it takes to make it through nine rounds of swiss.

BDM won the roll and chose to play first. Patten got off to an aggressive start with a turn one Favored Hoplite and BDM was forced to simply play lands and pass the turn as Patten pecked away at his life total.

BDM made his first play of the game on turn four with Karametra's Acolyte.

Patten continued to advance his boardstate with Staunch-Hearted Warrior, but BDM's Rage of Purphoros was good enough to prevent any absurd Heroic triggers.

Thomas Patten

The game came to a screeching halt when Patten put up a big wall with Nessian Asp and BDM followed suit with one of his own.

Patten made a big error on the following turn, though, he bestowed Observant Alseid onto his Nessian Asp and attacked into BDM without realizing that BDM had enough mana to pay for Monstrous thanks to Karametra's Acolyte. Patten was forced to use an unnecessary Gods Willing to save his massive reptile.

BDM attacked with his Nessian Asp after enchanting it with Ordeal of Nylea, hence solving his mana issues and making the Asp into a massive 9/10.

Feral Invocation and Hopeful Eidolon made BDM's Nessian Asp into a 13/14 lifelinker and the tone of the game shifted into his favor in the blink of an eye.

Patten found himself chump blocking while BDM continued to advance his board with more giant monsters. Patten had some fat of his own, but BDM's monstrous lifelinker proved to be too much to handle and they were on to a second game.

David-Marshall 1 - 0 Patten

In the second game, BDM led things off with Satyr Hedonist. His mana potential exploded over the following turns as a pair of Voyaging Satyrs joined the mix.

The pressure was mounting from Patten, though, who had already cast Nylea's Emissary and bestowed it with Observant Alseid. His 5/5 Vigilance Trample would prove to be a problem if BDM couldn't put together a worthwhile defense.

It wasn't long before Patten's Nylea's Emissary picked up a Hopeful Eidolon. Arbor Colossus joined his side of the table and BDM was forced to turtle up with a Monstrous Ill-Tempered Cyclops.

Despite Patten's initial dominance, BDM was able to cobble together an ragtag army that Patten couldn't favorably attack into without a trick. The board stalled out as both players had huge bodies staring each other down.

Nylea's Disciple for ten life from BDM padded his life total to the point where he felt comfortable sending some of his fatty-boom-booms into the red zone.

Patten quickly found himself chump blocking as BDM's side of the table became too overwhelming for him to keep up with. A well-timed Feral Invocation and Coordinated Assault from BDM left Patten with nothing in play and it wasn't long before BDM gobbled up Patten's remaining life total to secure a victory in the first round.

Brian David-Marshall defeats Thomas Patten in two games!