Grand Prix Sacramento 2014 - Round 9 Bubble-Match Roundup

Posted in NEWS on January 19, 2014

A number of high profile players found themselves with their backs against the wall in the last round of Day 1 here in Sacramento. Due to this weekend's tremendous turnout, the tournament organizer split Day 1 into two halves: Let's see how the blue side's bubble matches panned out.

Brian David-Marshall vs. Ron Rasmussen

Brian David-Marshall


We watched Brian David-Marshall emerge victorious in the very first round of the day. After that, he picked up two quick losses and found himself in the precarious 1-2 bracket. Undeterred, BDM battled on. He rattled off five wins in a row and found himself playing for Day 2 against Ron Rasmussen. Rasmussen's deck was rife with bombs like Abhorrent Overlord and Elspeth, Sun's Champion. Nonetheless, BDM and his monstrous army were able to emerge victorious, securing a spot in the second day of competition here in Sacramento.


Seth Manfield vs. Peter Huang

Seth Manfield


Seth Manfield entered the last round of competition with a 6-1-1 record. Paired up against the 7-1 Peter Huang, Manfield needed a win to make Day 2. A timely Griptide on Huang's Nessian Asp in response to a Traveler's Amulet activation sent the gigantic snake back into his library and Manfield was able to achieve victory in two games.


Adam Shaw vs. Brandon De Jong

Adam Shaw


Adam Shaw is no stranger to high-level Magic, but he's certainly had more experience judging than playing. Shaw came out of the gates quickly with an extremely aggressive Red/White deck. Brandon De Jong was able to stave off the early aggression in game two, but a quick start from Shaw in the third game went unanswered and Shaw was able to carve out his place in Day 2.


Jamie Parke vs. Le Lin

Jamie Parke


Former Worlds Finalist Jamie Parke needed to win the last round in order to make Day 2 here in Sacramento. Parke had a strong Blue/Green deck splashing Black with a lot of evasion. In the first game, Le Lin was unable to race Parke's flyers. The second game went long, and Parke spent countless turns trying to draw a sixth land. Parke eventually found a land and bestowed a Thass'a Emissary onto his Vaporkin. Lin had Artisan's Sorrow, though, and he used it to deal with the Emissary when Parke attacked. This allowed Lin to gobble up Parke's Vaporkin with his reach creature and victory wasn't much further away. In the third game, Lin used Voyaging Satyr to power out some quick fatties and Parke's hand was unable to keep up.


Eric Mann-Hielscher vs. Michael Schuller

Eric Mann-Hielscher


Eric Mann-Hielscher is new face on the Pro Tour. Eager to do well and constantly improving, Mann-Hielscher needed a win in the final round of swiss to make Day 2. Michael Schuller had mana issues in the third game and quickly found himself facing down a Celestial Archon and Ashen Rider. Mann-Hielscher easily cruised his way into the second day of competition here in Sacramento.