Posted in NEWS on December 9, 2013

Day 2 of Grand Prix Santiago is underway as 94 players return to fight their way through a field of Gods, Monsters, and even the occasional Hero in search of a Top 8, a trophy, and a bit of national pride.

Leading the field before the sun rises was Miguel Angel Romero Caro, the lone player to finish the first day 9-0. Four players were nipping at Caro’s heels with records of 8-0-1—Michael Parraga, Cristian Valdivia, Gustavo Iannizzotto and Luis Gutierrez—but with six rounds still to go, it’s anyone’s game. That includes No. 7 ranked Willy Edel and Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa at 7-2, as well as Chilean National Champion Felipe Tapia Becerra at 8-1.

The story of the tournament so far has been the rise and dominance of mono-colored decks. There are a bevy of Devotion-based decks, yes, but quick, aggressive Mono Red Decks have re-emerged this weekend as a metagame force as well. Taking down popular Esper Control and Mono Black opponents left and right, if Chandra’s Phoenix and company keep this up, it could be a quick Top 8 indeed.

Follow along right here as we bring you coverage of Day 2, all the way up to crowning a new Grand Prix Santiago Champion.