Posted in NEWS on December 22, 2013

With the fever of Grand Prix Kyoto still lingering, 1784 players have gathered for Grand Prix Kitakyushu. This time the tournament has split into two sides; at blue tables and black tables the tournament advances simultaneously.

The tournament venue in Shizuoka: Twin Messe.


The calm before the storm here inside at Shizuoka.


Pamphlets including information about the Grand Prix, side events, and news have been distributed.


For this event, John Avon has been commissioned to draw Mount Fuji. The artwork is on display.


The Mount Fuji artwork was used for a playmat. At the start of the day there was a long line to purchase them. They sold out early this morning, but tomorrow there should be more for sale.


This event's sponsor Big Magic's Mascot, Bigweb Man is distributing candy throughout the day.


Here is the dealer space. Shops line the outside while in the middle there is a food court.


Due to popularity at past events, there is a beef bowl booth here with a wide menu.


Two artists have made their way to Japan to sign cards. Here, Lucas Graciano prepares for the day.


A customer shakes Willian Murai's hand.


Inside the event hall, many shadow-art cards are on display.


Here, a large poster has been made in three dimensions.


Here live streaming of the event goes on from the morning until the night. Inside the event hall, monitors allow visitors to watch.


In the middle there is a wrestling ring where various exhibition matches will occur throughout the weekend. Here, famous players are gunslinging; the energy is palpable.


While this pictures is a little bright, the time remaining in the round is displayed on a big screen, making it easy to see from a distance.


This morning, a 20th year anniversary ceremony was held. Keita Mori delivers a speech to the Magic fans.


Because it is Christmas time a present has been prepared: an uncut foil sheet of Theros rares! Out of everyone in attendance, one lucky winner will walk away with it.


Further, a 20 year anniversary cake has been prepared. It will be cut up and distributed to hungry players.


Hailing from France, head judge, Kevin Desprez, begins the tournament.


Here is the feature match area. Who will be crowned champion here at Grand Prix Shizuoka?