Posted in ARCHIVES - ARTICLES on November 15, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

As is tradition, Friday saw a number of Grand Prix Trials being played. These events marked the last chance for the players to earn some Byes for this weekend's tournament. At the same time, it marked the first chance for us to present you with some great strategic insights.

Here they are, the winning decklists of the Grand Prix Trials. Make sure to keep an eye on these players and keep up with their win / loss record throughout the weekend. Who knows, maybe we will see one of them again on top of the standings at the end of the day?

Joost Veenstra, Grand Prix Trial Winner (Modern)

Tilman Schorr, Grand Prix Trial Winner (Modern)

Rafael Engelmo, Grand Prix Trial Winner (Modern)

Johan Hoflin, Grand Prix Trial (Modern)

Francisco Rico Rocamora, Grand Prix Trial (Modern)

Richard Galambos, Grand Prix Trial (Modern)

Stefano Biasio, Grand Prix Trial (Modern)

Javier Crespo, Grand Prix Trial (Modern)

Javier Jimenez Martinez, Grand Prix Trial (Modern)

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