Posted in NEWS on January 29, 2014

What card are people playing in Standard that they shouldn't be?


Matt Sperling : Sphinx's Revelation. Because of the open metagame, there are so many angles of attack to be ready for. It's just too much to ask from a control deck to have the right answers.
Paul Rietzl (16): Chandra, Pyromaster. Hero's Downfall and Mutavault are everywhere, and you almost never get value the turn you play it. You don't want to play cards that let your opponents decide if they want to deal with them.














Owen Turtenwald (12): Brave the Elements. It's only good against fringe decks, and the White Weenie deck only wins when it has good starts. You can't play cards that are bad in your opening hand.
Jon Stern (25) : Domri Rade. It's so bad because of Hero's Downfall. I wish I could play it this weekend. I'd much rather play a deck like that.















Josh Utter-Leyton (2): Off-Color Scry Lands. One mana for Scry 1 just isn't and efficient trade. If you're a blue-white deck, play more Divinations.
Christian Calcano: Forest. You can't play green. C'mon.