Green, King of Kicker

Posted in Arcana on June 12, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Green got the lion's share of the kicker mechanic in Time Spiral Block. Kicker naturally harmonizes with a color that celebrates the "the more the better" philosophy.

Two of the three of Time Spiral's "timeshifted" cards with kicker are green: Thornscape Battlemage and Verdeloth the Ancient. Both show off green's mana capabilities well, both in terms of multi-color access and straight-up enormous amounts of mana.

Thornscape Battlemage
Verdeloth the Ancient

In Planar Chaos, mechanics such as kicker were organized along themes for each color. Green's share of the Planar Chaos color pie was built around the theme of "growth." Cards like Harmonize and Gaea's Anthem showed off a slightly different take on what "growth" could mean, and kicker fit into that theme as well. Green is already the best color at mana acceleration, so a mechanic that rewards having access to large amounts of mana was a natural fit. That's why you see kicker only on green cards in Planar Chaos.

Ana Battlemage
Citanul Woodreaders
Hunting Wilds

In Future Sight, kicker shows up as part of mix-and-match cards, where two keywords that have never existed together combine in interesting ways. Kicker works interestingly with convoke, so you can see that combination on Kavu Primarch. It combines well with the vanishing mechanic when on giant creatures, so that led to Ravaging Riftwurm. Aside from Time Spiral's timeshifted Desolation Giant, the only non-green Time Spiral Block card with kicker is Molten Disaster, another mix-and-match card. It combines kicker with the new split second keyword, a combination that made the most sense on a fiery burn spell.

Kavu Primarch
Ravaging Riftwurm
Molten Disaster

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