Hidden “Morph Spiders”

Posted in Arcana on October 24, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

The morph mechanic came back in a big way in Time Spiral. Many morph creatures have a visual cue in their art that represents the mysteriously uniform “morph shell” from which the morph creature emerges. It’s that spider-shaped creature shell represented in Onslaught’s expansion symbol ().

Break Open art by Alex Horley-Orlandelli – Fatal Mutation art by Heather Hudson

You can find lots of these “morph spiders” throughout the art of Time Spiral morph cards:

Check out the discarded “morph spider” on the left – Fortune Thief art by Christopher Moeller
See it way down below, on the sea floor? – Fathom Seer art by Ralph Horsley
The morph spider looms behind these cool plains survivors – Weathered Bodyguards art by Wayne Reynolds
Bet you can tell which one’s the Shapeshifter! – Vesuvan Shapeshifter art by Quinton Hoover

How many others can you find in Time Spiral – or in Onslaught Block?

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