Posted in NEWS on May 25, 2014

By Olle Rade

One of the most interesting things about new limited sets is how people value the cards in it. You might think that the best players figure out all the secrets in their testing for the Pro Tour. But in reality even the games best change their minds about the cards as they play more with them. Some of the cards turn out to be worse than they thought and some perform way better than suspected. We took the opportunity to ask some of the limited specialists about their hits and misses from Journey to Nyx.

Players (column 1) and their picks for most surprising (column 2) and most disappointing (column 3) cards from Journey to Nyx in Limited:

Jeremy Dezani Font of Fertility Feast of Dreams
Christian Calcano Bladetusk Boar War-Wing Siren
Valentin Mackl Hour of Need Fleetfeather Cockatrice
David Ochoa Harness by Force Dictate of Erebos
Patrick Dickmann Dreadbringer Lampads All white cards
Craig Wescoe Akroan Mastiff Lagona-Band Trailblazer
Owen Turtenwald Hour of Need Satyr Hoplite
William Jensen Grim Guardian Feast of Dreams
Jamie Parke Oakheart Dryads All heroic creatures

Although most of the players had different answers one card stood out in particular, Hour of Need. The powerful uncommon was high on many draft orders coming into Pro Tour Journey to Nyx last weekend. Austrian pro Valentin Mackl admitted he wasn't sure exactly how powerful it was until he played against it at the Pro Tour. "I actually took a rare over Hour of Need in my first draft at the Pro Tour, but came to regret it when i lost to it," he says.

Several players were also impressed by how good red has turned out to be in Journey to Nyx. Christian Calcano went as far as saying he now regularly first picks Bladetusk Boar as it wins games by itself.

When it comes to the disappointing performers from Journey to Nyx the consensus seems to be that creatures with Heroic has gotten a lot worse with one pack less of common bestow creatures and only one pack of the sought-after ordeals. The black removal spell Feast of Dreams was ranked high last weekend, but the lesson from the Pro Tour seems to be that it's not as strong as one might think.
"First I thought it'd be a [autocard]Doom Blade, but it turns out it's really not," says (2) Frenchman Jeremy Dezani.

(24) William Jensen, another of the top ranked players here this weekend couldn't agree more. "It's a lot more situational than you think," he says.