The Hoarder's Consequences

Posted in Arcana on October 29, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Boggarts are naturally drawn to new sensations, which causes them to be sort of accidental kleptomaniacs. They don't mean to steal the delicious pie cooling on the kithkin windowsill—they just couldn't help themselves.

But there's one important rule among the boggarts: you have to share any new sensation you find with the rest of your warren.

The art of the card Hoarder's Greed shows a boggart finding a coveted trinket in the woods of Lorwyn. He's definitely not sharing—he's letting his greed take precedence over the rules of his warren's Auntie.

Hoarder's Greed Hoarder's Greed art by Pete Venters

But that's not the end of the story for our little friend. If we look on another card in Lorwyn, we can see the same greedy boggart suffering the punishment for not sharing the trinket—a sentence of exile.

Exiled Boggart Exiled Boggart art by Pete Venters
Hoarder's Greed
Exiled Boggart

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