Honden and Myojin

Posted in Arcana on March 24, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Each of the Honden from Champions of Kamigawa is a shrine dedicated to the worship of a powerful, godlike kami. The name of each Honden corresponds to the name of a legendary spirit -- Myojin -- in the set.

But there are correspondences in the art as well. Compare Kev Walker's art of the Myojin to the Honden below. Note how the shrines are mostly ruined; that's an indication of the abandonment the shrines faced during the Kami War, when the spirit and mortal worlds turned on one another.

Honden of Life's Web art by Rob Alexander

Myojin of Life's Web art by Kev Walker

Honden of Night's Reach art by Jim Nelson

Myojin of Night
Myojin of Night's Reach art by Kev Walker

Autocard links for further reference:

Honden of Cleansing Fire Myojin of Cleansing Fire
Honden of Infinite Rage Myojin of Infinite Rage
Honden of Life's Web Myojin of Life's Web
Honden of Night's Reach Myojin of Night's Reach
Honden of Seeing Winds Myojin of Seeing Winds

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