How to: Basic Land Filter

Posted in NEWS on January 2, 2019

By Wizards Staff

How to Use the Basic Land Filter

  • The filter is located in the Advanced Filter options, next to card rarities (basic lands are treated as their own card rarity).
  • Basic lands are only viewable while the Advanced Filter option is selected; trying to search for "Swamp" without this filter enabled will not display Basic Land — Swamp cards.
  • Players can use the mana symbols to sort by color identity. For example, if both Basic Lands and the green mana symbol are selected as filters, the deck builder will display available Basic Land — Forests.
  • Players can also sort by expansion by using the set filter options or our advanced search tools (e.g., "e:grn" will show Guilds of Ravnica basic lands if you have the basic land filter enabled).
  • The basic land filter is also available in Limited events (Draft and Sealed) during deck building.

Players have the ability to choose your basic land illustration during deck building. When viewing your Collection or using the deck builder, you’re able to select the "Basic Land" filter option to view all the available basic land illustrations in game—and yes, this includes deck building during Draft and Sealed events! This option also works alongside the other advanced filters, so you'll be able to filter by set and color identity to make your search for the perfect illustration easier. Playing in a War of the Spark Sealed event and you want your lands to match? Sure thing!

Basic Land Sealed

Please keep in mind that for now, basic lands will only be viewable if you have the Basic Land filter selected on the Advanced Filters page. If you try searching for "Swamp" or "Island" without selecting the basic lands filter first, you won't get any results. And according to our Lawmages, basic lands are treated as their own rarity, which separates them from other land-type cards in the game (this is also why the filter is up by the other card rarities). Selecting the other "Land" filter option will continue to work as it previously has, limiting the results to nonbasic lands and the five default basic land options.

Basic Land Filter