How to Kaladesh—in Graphics

Posted in How to Play Limited on September 23, 2016

By Diego Fumagalli

Diego is a visual designer and longtime Magic addict. He started from scratch creating infographics on, and he thinks a great game deserves a great communication tool!

Kaladesh is now available and, most importantly, draftable! Diego Fumagalli has put together five examples of some of the cool, fun things you can do in Kaladesh Limited when the pieces come together.

(Click on any graphic to view that section on its own.)

Kaladesh is full of wonder, invention, and comes-into-play abilities. Those abilities—like energy creation or fabricate—get even better when you can “blink” a creature with Acrobatic Maneuvers (as in, remove it from play and immediately return it). Return those creatures to your hand can be just as effective sometimes.

There are a lot of cool things you can do in Kaladesh, including assembling this module set and watching your not-quite-perpetual machine go off. Collect them all!

Vehicles are risky propositions—they need a pilot or they often don’t do anything. That is, unless you have an Ovalchase Daredevil around, always ready to come back for more. And with 4 power, it can crew almost anything. (Editor's Note: You cannot attack with the vehicle the turn it comes into play. You have to wait a turn.)

Era of Innovation is a cool card that can give you a few energy here and there—or a lot of energy all at once. Load up on Thopters and an Artificer all in one card and watch the energy roll in.

Incendiary Sabotage is a powerful card, but it requires a sacrifice. Maybe get a little assistance from some artifacts that want to be sacrificed.

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