How to Eldritch Moon—in Graphics

Posted in How to Play Limited on July 26, 2016

By Diego Fumagalli

Diego is a visual designer and longtime Magic addict. He started from scratch creating infographics on, and he thinks a great game deserves a great communication tool!

Eldritch Moon is now available and, most importantly, draftable! Diego Fumagalli has put together five examples of some of the cool, fun things you can do in Eldritch Moon Limited when the pieces come together.

(Click on any graphic to view that section on its own.)

Creatures with enters-the-battlefield abilities work wonders with Displace. Try out these two to send your opponent scrambling.

Emerge is an exciting new ability that lets you cast large, terrifying creatures for less mana than normal by sacrificing other creatures. Some creatures, though, actually want to be sacrificed.

Aberrant Researcher is a Shadows over Innistrad card that looked cool, but was kind of hard to transform. Apparently, we should have been looking in the archives.

Humans need some help fighting against the horrors of Emrakul. Thankfully, there is help.

Creating a Vampire army can be such tiring work. Maybe quench your thirst with this combo and deal a ton of damage to an unsuspecting opponent.

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