Ichor Eyes and the Mask of Yawgmoth

Posted in Arcana on August 2, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Take a close look at the Apocalypse expansion symbol. As the main brunt of the Phyrexian invasion took place during the Apocalypse storyline, it’s representative of the mask of Yawgmoth, symbol of the dark lord’s reign over Phyrexia.

Apocalypse Expansion Symbol

You can see the mask of Yawgmoth in select pieces of card art. Check out Crovax’s knee armor on Phyrexian Tyranny, or the mask in the center of Mishra’s Bauble.

Mishra’s Bauble Mishra’s Bauble art by Chippy

Now jump forward to post-apocalyptic Dominaria. In Time Spiral Block, the story goes that black-aligned knights and wizards were tainted by the lands where Yawgmoth and his minions were defeated. You can see evidence of this corruption in the black ichor that runs out of their eyes. This pattern of black ichor visually evokes the mask, and essence, of the long-dead Yawgmoth.

Time Spiral style guide concept images by Jeremy Jarvis

Check out the art of cards like Sudden Spoiling and Demonic Collusion to see the dripping ichor symbolism in action.

Sudden Spoiling
Demonic Collusion

For more on the look of black-aligned settings and creatures in the Time Spiral Block, check out this article by art director Jeremy Jarvis.

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