Improving the Grand Prix

Posted in DAILYMTG on July 29, 2014

By Helene Bergeot

Hélène Bergeot started her career with Wizards of the Coast in France in December, 1995; afterwards, she spent a few years in the European headquarters based in Belgium and eventually relocated to the Renton office. She is currently the director of organized play and trade marketing.

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We've seen an incredible growth of Grand Prix (GP) attendance during the last two seasons. Not only was Grand Prix Las Vegas in 2013 the largest Magic tournament event ever held, at 4,500 players, Grand Prix Richmond 2014 clocked in at 4,300 players.

Due to the growth Magic has seen and continues to see at GPs, we will be implementing improvements to the GPs for the 2015 calendar year as well as the 2014–2015 professional season.

More GPs!

We will be increasing the number of GPs that take place in 2015. While the 2014 schedule featured 46 GPs all over the world during, the 2015 calendar year will feature 54 GPs. The breakdown by region will be as follows:

  • 24 in the United States and Canada
  • 14 in Europe
  • 5 in Mexico, Central America, and South America
  • 7 in Asia-Pacific
  • 4 in Japan

More Prizes!

In the 2014–2015 professional season (starting August 4, 2014), the Top 8 at each Grand Prix—and the Top 4 of each Team Grand Prix—will receive invitations and airfare to the next Pro Tour, regardless of attendance. In addition, all players with 39 match points at a Grand Prix—36 match points at a Team Grand Prix—will also receive an invitation to the Pro Tour.

The Grand Prix prize payout will now be $70,000 if the event exceeds 3,600 players.

























The Team Grand Prix payout if the event has 1,200 or more teams competing will be $78,000 paid out as such (amounts are per team):























These changes will go into effect starting with Grand Prix Portland 2014, on August 7–10, 2014.

Set Number Rounds at Every Grand Prix

Starting with the Grand Prix Portland 2014, all individual GPs will feature 15 Swiss-style rounds, regardless of attendance. Team GPs will consist of 14 Swiss-style rounds.

With this new system, players with the following records will move onto Day Two of a Grand Prix:

  • Individual Grand Prix: All players with 21 or more match points or all players tied for 64th place, whichever is greater.
  • Team Grand Prix: All teams with 21 or more match points or all teams tied for 40th place, whichever is greater.

In addition, we are improving the way players earn Pro Points at Grand Prix. To learn more about these changes, click here.

The 2015 Grand Prix schedule will be revealed during the live coverage of Pro Tour Magic 2015 on Saturday, August 2

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