Ingot Chewer

Posted in Arcana on November 12, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Lorwyn'sIngot Chewer is a "greater elemental," an ethereal manifestation of an idea or daydream of Lorwyn in the form of a surreal combination of animal elements. Ingot Chewer has some characteristics of an enormous mole rat, including blunt claws that is uses to dig through Lorwyn's crust in search of metal morsels (ingots) to devour.

Originally Ingot Chewer was going to be named "Ingot Smasher." But there was a problem with that name.

To date, Magic has only had one other "Ingot" card. It is an artifact, which is relevant to Ingot Chewer's artifact-smashing ability—but it's indestructible.

Darksteel Ingot

Ingot Chewer isn't capable of destroying Darksteel Ingot – it can only gnaw on it a little. That's how Ingot Chewer got its name.

Ingot Chewer Ingot Chewer art by Kev Walker

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