Under an Eldritch Moon

Posted in The Inkwell on July 20, 2016

By Inkwell Looter

The cartoonist known as Inkwell Looter first Berserked a Scryb Sprites back in 1993. More recent work includes comics for Gathering Magic, a steady churn of custom token art, and writing card names and flavor text for Wizards of the Coast.

A couple thoughts I had as I succumbed to the effects of the Eldritch Moon:

I'm delighted by the twist of our horror plane's denizens allying with Zombies to defeat the Eldrazi. Sure, Zombies smell bad and want to eat your brain, but still—they're vastly preferable to being transformed into a squidgy worm-lattice by derangement incarnate from beyond the void.

And Liliana coming in from the cold? What sort of Gatewatcher will she be? Does she have...people skills? I mean, alive people skills? I suspect we'll find out, and I further suspect that she doesn't care much about correctly pronouncing her subordinates' names.

These are my thoughts, probably my last sane ones, at least before I meld with lunch. Adieu!

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