Inside Worldly Counsel

Posted in Arcana on December 21, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

This article originally ran on February 10, 2009.

Ah, new sets. A fertile ground of Arcana topics, you might think. And you'd be right, too!

Since it's Domain Week, let's start with Worldly Counsel, shall we?

Nice work by Matt Cavotta, right? But there's more than meets the eye. Start your journey of discovery!

We're going to start with these clouds up here. Notice anything odd about them? Isolate the chunk on the left! (or go back)

Interesting. Those protrusions on the bottom look kind of like trunks. So these clouds are kind of... treelike. A symbol of green mana, one might say. How about that castle? (or go back)

Yep, that's the sort of castle you get with white mana, all right. Show the thing in front of it. (or go back)

Waterfalls? Reminiscent of blue mana? The theme is becoming clear here. Rush to the right. (or go back)

Yikes! A black-aligned fire swamp! I suppose these last things are going to be mountains?. (or go back)

Yes, Mountains. So we've got five sections of clouds, representing the five types of basic land. Very Domain-y. But what's with the three middle sections? (or go back)

It looks like there's the possibility of five different colors here, but the mage is only fully accessing White, Blue, and Black. What sort of mage would be restricted like that? (or go back)

Of course! It's a Domain Spell being cast by an Esper mage! Start over. (or go back)

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