Interrupts that Target Permanents?

Posted in Arcana on January 4, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Avoid Fate and Ring of Immortals are Legends cards that could, according to their printed text, counter interrupts or enchantments that target permanents you control.

Ring of Immortals
Avoid Fate

(What's an interrupt, you ask? The interrupt is an obsolete card type from before the rules change in 1999's Classic Sixth Edition set. An interrupt was similar to an instant, but it literally interrupted the normal rules regarding the stack and could generally only be targeted by another interrupt.)

Now, it's fine to counter a Control Magic or other nasty enchantment with those spells, but it wasn't very common for them to target interrupts. That's because not very many interrupts could target permanents. Spells that targeted spells, such as counterspells, and mana-generating spells such as Dark Ritual made up most of the interrupts at the time. There were a few exceptions, however.

Text-changers such as Sleight of Mind and Magical Hack were interrupts that could target your permaments. Red Elemental Blast and Blue Elemental Blast were also capable. So you could run a couple sideboarded Ring of Immortals to fight those cards, I suppose...

Interrupts to Instants

These days, though, all interrupts have been Oracle-ized to become instants, and cards that affected interrupts now affect instants. This change seriously improved Avoid Fate and Ring of Immortals: they can now counter a Shock that targets your creature, a Naturalize on your enchantment, or an Oxidize on your artifact land.

Read more on interrupts in this Ben Bleiweiss article from 2002, or in the original Magic rulebook from 1993! Happy New Year!

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