Ironroot Chef Rules and Judging

Posted in NEWS on August 31, 2013

By Event Coverage Staff

Five potent ingredients have been selected from the Standard card pool to challenge the teams' deckbuilding skills to the utmost. Who has the chops to conquer the format and truly be called an Ironroot Chef?

  • The 5 ingredients will be unveiled to the 16 players on Saturday morning.
  • For each team, five decks must contain exactly one ingredient each. The other three decks must include exactly two ingredients each.
  • Teams will be given a short period of time to strategize and decide which player is taking on each ingredient.
  • Players take their seats and will have exactly 30 minutes to construct a Standard-legal deck using their chosen ingredient(s).
  • The teams will play three rounds in the format. Each match win is worth three points.
  • A judging panel of Graham Stark and James Turner from LoadingReadyRun and the Wizard from Walking the Planes will judge each deck on its creativity, boldness, and adherence to the theme ingredient. Each judge will award 0-3 points per deck.
  • The judges' totals will be revealed after the three rounds of play have been completed, and then added to each team's point total.

The Ingredients

Goblin Test Pilot

Will players discover a flawless design, or wiill their deck go down in flames?

Must theme deck around this ability and/or flavor.

Angelic Accord

If the players can find a steady stream of life, they'll be flying with the angels. Otherwise they'll have a devil of a time finding victory.

Must theme deck around this ability and/or flavor.

Feed the Pack

Do the players have the stomach to feed their own creatures to the horde, or is their bark worse than their bite?

Must theme deck around ability.

Conjured Currency

If the players conjure up the right combo, glory will fill their coffers. But fail to find the answers and their only currency will be losses.

Must theme deck around ability.

Strionic Resonator

Will the players have the guts to pull the trigger at the right time, or will their efforts only resonate in defeat?

Must theme deck around ability.