Joe Lossett's Jeskai Heroic

Posted in NEWS on April 8, 2015

By Shuhei Nakamura

Shuhei Nakamura is a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, former Player of the Year, and is one of just six players with more than 400 lifetime pro points.

A small change may have had a bigger effect than expected.

The returning keyword, rebound, obviously synergizes with the former Jeskai. And being able to cast spells targeting your creatures multiple times is clearly great with heroic.

The Center Soul Joe Lossett added to his Heroic deck for the StarCityGames Open in Richmond not only protects his creatures from removal, it can be used aggressively to create an unblockable creature for two consecutive turns.

That's not all. Center Soul's rebound doesn't cost any mana. This means the deck can challenge the opponent during the upkeep for zero mana. Then, if Center Soul resolves, the deck can go all-in on the heroic creature now that the opponent can't touch it.

This is where the red addition comes into play and Temur Battle Rage goes to work. A double-strike blow that the opponent cannot block is huge.

Assuming that the heroic creature's first attack from Center Soul did around 5 damage, this second blow should do around 14 damage.

The deck deals damage many other ways, and with a field of fetch lands and pain lands, 18-19 damage is pretty close to lethal much of the time.

Rebound and double strike are double trouble.

Jeskai Heroic by Joe Lossett

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