Judge Uniform Policy

Posted in NEWS on November 17, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

To help maintain the professionalism and look of Magic events, all judging staff members have a distinctive uniform they wear while judging. This will vary depending on the competitiveness of the event or the role of the person - for example, at a Pre-release your Tournament Organizer (or Head Judge) may allow you to wear a branded Staff T-Shirt and your comfortable jeans, whereas the Pro Tour requires full dress uniform.

There are currently four official Judge Shirts;

The Black and White Polo
While this shirt is being phased out, it is still acceptable attire for local events.

The Black DCI Shirt
This is the current standard for uniform. If you own a name tag, this is to be worn with the shirt, either above the pocket or directly below the DCI logo. The DCI logo is being replaced with sewn patches with the Magic Judge logo whenever possible.

The Burgundy Magic Judge Shirt
This shirt is reserved for the Head Judge of Grand Prix and Pro Tour events. (Note: The Black and Red striped shirt has been retired and is no longer officially worn)

The Blue Magic Judge Shirt
This shirt is reserved for Regional Coordinators to wear when they are performing Regional Coordinator role that does not include floor judging. This can be at Grand Prix if assigned this or at Judge Conferences. If representing the Judge Program to non-judges (players, retailers, organizers, distributors, etc…) it is preferred the Black is used.”

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • At some high profile events, the shirt is typically not the only part of the uniform. Judges will also wear black pants, belt and black shoes, and must keep their shirt tucked in. Using this uniform locally improves your appearance, but the exact judge attire is the Tournament Organizer's decision.
  • At local events, it is usually not necessary to wear an official shirt. However, it can add to the professionalism of the event – and even if uniform standards aren't quite as stringent, always remember how you look is a reflection of yourself, your Tournament Organizer and the DCI.
  • Never wear your uniform while playing, trading, or engaging in any activity that may suggest bias toward one player over another. This doesn't mean you can't talk to your friends, but when you're acting as a Judge, be professional and impartial
  • If you are not the Head Judge of an event, check with the Tournament Organizer and/or Head Judge to see what attire is appropriate.
  • Do not wear your judge shirt except when judging a DCI event. Do not represent Wizards at another company's events (common respect) and similar is expected at WotC events
  • Only on-duty judging staff members are to wear official Judge shirts - this is work uniform, not something to wear out to dinner.
  • The shirts are only for certified judges. An uncertified judge may make use of a shirt for an event for sake of a consistent image, but that shirt must be returned at the end of the event.
  • Beyond the dress code, Judges are to present neatly - press your shirt, brush your hair and put in your low-key facial piercings. And don't forget the most important piece of Judge Uniform - your smile!