Judged Worthy

Posted in Arcana on May 21, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Greg Staples's art of Judge Unworthy was originally commissioned for a card in "Snap," the set that later became Time Spiral. Greg Staples's piece was commissioned for a Phyrexian shadow creature, but the needs of the cards changed and there was nowhere for the finished piece to go.

Judge Unworthy All dressed up and nowhere to go!
Art by Greg Staples

The art ended up in the art "graveyard," that sad place inside Wizards' Multiverse database where homeless art winds up. There the art languished until some kind-hearted creative team member decided to place it on another card, in this case a white removal spell in "Pop," the set that would become Future Sight.

Instead of a Phyrexian monster stretched between planes, the art is now seen as a source of pure energy rescinding the existence of a marauding evil creature. In a classic story of art meets card, art loses card, art finds new card—the happy ending was finally achieved. The only sad character in this story might be the victim of the spell. Eat a blast of holy light, creature of darkness!

Judge Unworthy

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