Judges FAQ - James Lee Speaks

Posted in NEWS on December 8, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Dorian Anders

The following questions have been asked of me by many judges over the past several months. In an effort to clarify these issues for all judges, I sent these questions to James Do Hung Lee, the Wizards of the Coast Organized Play - DCI Worldwide Judge Certification Manager. James' answers to these questions follow.

Question: How many events do I have to judge each year to keep my judging status?
Answer: At present, there are no minimum requirements.

One of the primary barriers to establishing a number here are the large disparities in regions where we have judges. In some markets, it is easy for a Level 1 judge to be the head judge of multiple events every week. In others, even a Level 3 judge may only have one head judging opportunity every other month. Also, there are many good judges who show very few sanctioned events, but judge regularly and consistently in a local store where the events are never sanctioned.

Finally, due to current limitations in our data accumulation, judges who are not head judges of events are often lost when tournaments are reported. With the growth of
the Player Rewards Program and the Pokémon Professor Program, this may
change in 2002 and we may soon have additional requirements as well as
rewards for our most active judges.

James Lee keeps a close eye on game play at Pro Tour New York

Question: How do I renew my judge certification?
Answer: Forms are available on line in the Downloads section of the DCI Judge web site. These forms may be mailed either on paper or electronically to the appropriate judge coordinator for the region in which the judge lives. Renewals are only required of Level 1 and Level 2 judges. Expert level judges are renewed and retested on a tri-annual schedule. Renewal dates have all been moved to December 31 and no currently certified judge needs to renew until the end of 2002.

Question: If I don't renew my judge certification, do I have to retest?
Answer: Yes, if you are not properly renewed when your certification expires, you will have to retest anew to re-enter the Program.

Question: I have had a lot of experience judging events at my local store. Now I want to take the judge's test. Do I have to work events with the Level 3 who is testing me?
Answer: Yes. The written exam only tests one portion of the criteria we look for in an effective judge. A Level 3 judge needs to observe a judge candidate working with him or her to properly determine if a recommendation for certification is appropriate.

Question: Do I have to take my test and get my judging experience with the same Level 3 judge inorder to get certified? (can I test with one and work with another)
Answer: Yes. Again, it is necessary that the judge recommending a candidate for certification understand both the candidates knowledge as well as ability to deal with situations and players in the field.

Question; If I didn't get my Christmas card with the Stroke of Genius, how can I get myself on the mailing list so I get future benefits?
Most judges who did not receive a card failed to do so because of outdated address data with the DCI. If there is any doubt, judges should contact the appropriate regional judge coordinator to confirm that we have the most current information and that their judge status is valid and active.

Question: If I change my address and/or email, who do I notify?
Answer: You should contact the appropriate coordinator in the US, the UK, France, Italy, or Belgium depending on the responsible office for your region.

If you have other areas that you would like information on, please send them to me at doriananders@comcast.net.