A Kamigawa Glossary, Part 3

Posted in Arcana on May 31, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Below are the meanings and pronunciations of some words you’ll encounter in the Saviors of Kamigawa expansion.

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Saviors of Kamigawa

People and Places

Adamaro, First to DesireAdamaro (AH-dah-MAH-roh) The feared kami of a famed human warrior who was consumed by his own anger and envy.

Akuta (ah-KOO-tah) A legendary kami of ashes and ruin.

Arashi (AR-ah-shee) The great kami of monsoons and typhoons, whose appearance was always accompanied by storms of shinen.

Ayumi (ah-YOO-mee) The kami who “reclaimed” abandoned places in the name of nature.

Erayo (eh-RYE-oh) A soratami woman whose meditations enabled her to transcend the material world.

Homura (HOH-moo-rah) A human monk whose meditations allowed him to grant the power of dragons to his allies.

Iizuka (ee-EE-zoo-kah) A ruthless human ronin and leader who some said studied blood magic with oni masters.

Jiwari (jee-WAH-ree) The great kami of earthquakes, whose appearance was always preceded by waves of shinen.

Kaho, Minamo Historian

Kaho (KAH-hoh) The female human jushi who served as Minamo's historian during the first half of the Kami War.

Kagemaro (KAH-gay-MAH-roh) The dreaded kami of the first human to be so evil that his spirit became an oni.

Kataki (KAH-tah-kee) A legendary kami of retribution.

Kiyomaro (KEE-yoh-MAH-roh) The ancient kami of Kamigawa's first daimyo.

Kuon (KOO-ohn) An o-bakemono (an ogre) whose blood-magic meditations elevated him into the essence of pain and agony.

Maga (MAH-gah) A wicked human jushi rumored to be in the service of demons.

Masumaro (MAH-soo-MAH-roh) The once-revered kami of the first human to live by the ways of the kami.

Michiko Konda (MEE-chee-koh KON-dah) Daughter and sole heir of the daimyo Takeshi Konda.

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea

Mikokoro (MEE-koh-KOH-roh) A sacred island of crystal that sits amid one of Kamigawa's seas.

Miren (MEE-rehn) A haunted well deep within Takenuma.

Oboro (oh-BOH-roh) The palace in the clouds that's the main home of the soratami.

Reki (REH-kee) The human monk on whose body the history of the Kami War was written.

Rune-Tail (ROON-tayl) A kitsune whose meditations enabled him to bless his followers with immortality.

Sakashima (sah-kah-SHEE-mah) A legendary human master of disguise.

Sasaya (SAH-sah-yah) An orochi female whose meditations enabled her to meld her life force with that of the forest.

Sekki (SEK-kee) The great kami of the turning of the seasons.

Soramaro (SOH-rah-MAH-roh) The once-respected kami of a famous half-human, half-soratami wizard.

Urami (oo-RAH-mee) A legendary oni caged underground for centuries.


Promise of Bunrei

bunrei (BOON-ray) A spirit created by dividing another spirit. Also, the ceremony of this act of division.

goryo (GOHR-yoh) The vengeful spirit of a mortal who died in anger or without the proper rites.

haru-onna (HAH-roo-OHN-nah) “Spring woman,” a spirit-world creature in the form of a woman surrounded with burgeoning growth.

kemuri-onna (keh-MOO-ree-OHN-nah) “Smog woman,” a spirit-world creature in the form of a woman shrouded in smog.

kirin (KEE-rihn) A mythical, otherworldly creature with aspects of a horse, a dragon, and a deer or goat. Before the war, kirin were omens of good fortune and long life.

kiri-onna (KEE-ree-OHN-nah) “Mist woman,” a spirit-world creature in the form of a woman enveloped in mist.


manriki-gusari (man-REE-kee-goo-SAH-ree) A weapon that consists of a chain with a weight at each end.

meishin (MAY-shin) A fabled magic said to imprison others inside its caster's mind.

netsuke (NET-soo-kay) Miniature figurines carved from ivory, wood, bone, or other materials.

nikko-onna (NIK-koh-OHN-nah) “Sunlight woman,” a spirit-world creature in the form of a dazzling woman.

o-naginata (oh-NAH-gee-NAH-tah) A weapon that consists of a long pole with a huge, curved blade on its end.

shinen (SHEE-nehn) Metaphysical energy, “spirit fire.”

torii (tor-EE-ee) The distinctive Shinto archway, usually painted red, that indicates the entrance to a shrine or hallowed place.

yuki-onna (YOO-kee-OHN-nah) “Snow woman,” a spirit-world creature in the form of a beautiful woman impervious to cold.

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