Kithkin Powder Magic

Posted in Arcana on November 6, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

As Jeremy Jarvis described earlier on this site, part of the look and feel of kithkin was established through the look of their magic. Kithkin use a lot of powders and dusts to perform their spellcraft, which in turn necessitates a lot of containers—urns, jars, lockets, and pouches. Check out this image from the Lorwyn style guide for a look at some of the equipment kithkin might use to carry their magical materials.

Check out the alchemical flying steed constructed by this advanced kithkin mage. It's part bird, part pottery! The mage's wind-defying power comes from the powders he has stoppered up in all those jars and urns.

Galepowder Mage Galepowder Mage art by Jeremy Jarvis

The versatile removal power of Oblivion Ring all comes down to a circle of fine particles, shown here trapping a frustrated flamekin in its center.

Oblivion Ring Oblivion Ring art by Wayne England

A circle of powder can have healing properties, too. Below, a Kithkin Healer nurses a young kithkin back to health with an inscribed pattern made from specially-prepared dust.

Kithkin Healer Kithkin Healer art by Rebecca Guay

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