Late September 2009 Update Bulletin Late

Posted in Latest Developments on September 25, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Before each Prerelease, usually runs an Update Bulletin describing upcoming changes to the underlying rules that make Magic tick. In fact, in his Early September 2009 Update Bulletin, rules manager Mark Gottlieb promised a second update this month. After all, someone has to explain that we're functionally changing Sea Kings' Blessing or moving commas around in rule 404.9q—not to mention making sure that you know how all of Zendikar's priceless treasures and deadly perils actually work. (Disclaimer: Hypothetical changes in the preceding paragraph were completely fictional. Your Sea Kings' Blessing deck is safe ... for now.)

Unfortunately, Mr. Gottlieb has been experiencing some perils of his own. He spent nearly a week out of commission due to the swine flu he contracted at the Penny Arcade Expo (or so his archnemesis Mark Rosewater would have you believe).

That means that the full Oracle and Comprehensive Rules update for Zendikar will be delayed—the update going out today will include only the minimum changes required to cover Zendikar cards at the Prerelease this weekend. And since we can hardly give you the pre-update update for an update that isn't finished yet, we're going to have to leave you in suspense.

The full Update Bulletin should arrive sometime next week, as should the updates themselves. Until then, you can sate your need for rules-speak with the Zendikar FAQ, available here.

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