"LD" playtest cards

Posted in Arcana on April 5, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

There's not a lot of guesswork involved with this batch of playtest cards, since Richard Garfield had most of the names and mechanics ironed out at the time these were made. (These cards are from the third -- or "Gamma" -- round of playtest cards for the first printing of Magic.)

But in any event, it's always fun to look at some of the relics from the game's past. Here are four cards from that early batch, all of which keep with our Land Destruction theme.

Using the original "casting cost" system (in which the number represents the entire cost), Flashfires was unchanged at . Ice Storm started at , went to , then , and finally . It was printed at . Ankh of Mishra's original was lowered to , and Stone Rain was (thankfully) increased from to the safer . You can click on the cards to see their "real" printed versions.

Ice Storm


Ankh of Mishra
stone rain

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