Posted in Feature on August 11, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Collector's Highlights

Legends contains 310 new cards for Magic: The Gathering featuring 121 Rare, 114 Uncommon, and 75 Common cards.

Released in June 1994, Legends was originally intended to be the first "stand-alone" expansion for Magic. Instead, the set evolved into a 310-card collection of some of the most powerful Magic cards ever printed.

Game Features

Legends introduced four mechanics to Magic which added new and excited deckbuilding possibilities.

  • Multicolored Cards -- Cards with a gold border that had a multiple colored mana cost.
  • Rampage -- Cards that got bigger when blocked.
  • Bands with Other -- The now infamous "banding" mechanic.
  • Legendary Lands -- Unique lands that held the status of Legendary



by Clayton Emery

Explore the untold story of one of the most famous Legends in book 1 of the new Legends cycle.


by Clayton Emery

The Legends cycle continues in Jedit. Get a glipse of an alternative future than the one told in Invasion.

Legendary Heros.

Like any other world, Dominia has its Legends. In this new expansion you'll meet Johan, Gabriel Angelfire, Sivitri Scarzam, Hunding, and many more.

As you delve into Dominia's mythology, you'll discover 310 new spells, artifacts, and creatures with the power to defy death.

So enter the world of Legends and join the heroes in the struggle for Dominaria!

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