Full Circle

Posted in Limited Information on March 6, 2007

By Noah Weil

Unfortunately, my time with this column has come to an end. For those wondering why, I’m stepping down due to a new position with the Wizards of the Coast R&D department. Being an employee prevents any kind of sanctioned event, online or otherwise. The column has continued with some theory and non-sanctioned drafting fun, but that’s a tough pace to keep up. You guys deserve someone who can stay current with new sets and new technology, and as I move further into the Wizards position, it’s going to become apparent that person isn’t me. That being said, I would like to end on a high note. While being a company man prevents your run-of-the-mill drafting, it does come with a few perks as well. Example? Well, click here to see…

When you’re done with that excitement, click here to see what happened.

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