Full Circle

Posted in Limited Information on March 6, 2007

By Noah Weil


Lightning Angel

I was destroyed. Utterly taken apart. The thing about Turian is that he doesn’t lose, and more specifically, never met a fourth turn he didn’t cast a Lightning Angel. The two games were extremely quick affairs. In the first I felt good about the early suspend cards alongside Dreamscape Artist and Mogg War Marshal, only to see Mike play Prodigal Pyromancer and undo the entire opener. In fact, Mike called Prodigal Pyromancer Planar Chaos’s best common simply because of its ability to nullify entire swaths of an opponent’s deck. It’s not a bad philosophy. Lightning Angel came down early and beat me senseless. That’s one card this deck has a serious problem with. The second game was more of the same, with my Pyromancer getting an Erratic Mutation, and the rest of my team taking burn and Stingscourgers before Lightning Angel and Chronosavant dealt the final points. By the end, we both agreed it was a pretty miserable matchup for me. We shook hands and Mike Turian was crowned the winner of the R&D draft.

Final record 2-1

And that looks like the end for me. I’m told I’ll be able to poke my head in once in a while, but for now I’ll be just another guy behind the scenes, trying to make future sets as fun as possible. It’s been a pleasure to write for you guys, and incredibly instructive as well. I have no illusions about having landed my plush new dream job without the experiences I’ve gained working with such a discerning audience. You guys are great. I hope everyone continues to enjoy what they do, be it Magic or anything else. Good luck and as always, thanks for reading.

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